New York’s 5th Avenue is a little world on its own within Manhattan’s concrete jungle.  Here you can find anything, if you have enough money. The closer you get to the Central Park (east part of the street) the thicker your account will have to be to buy/see/enjoy anything there. 5th avenue is home to Bergdorf Goodman department store, or let me rather say ‘ a shopping heaven’, since only selected creme de la creme of designer fashion is here. They are also very famous for their windows with mannequins where each window is precisely decorated into a little piece of art. Even though 5th Avenue is home to many fashion shops what I love most about it is the area around National Library and Bryan park behind it.

Bryan park is quite small, but it’s perfectly situated between several skyscrapers, thus giving a special feeling when you’re there. Also, the whole park is full of chairs and benches for everyone to take a break in this lovely oasis.

As for my outfit here, 5th Avenue evoke an all black outfit from me. Ripped jeans for a more casual look to the polished look of long blazer and black court shoes. You don’t really see it on the photos but under the blazer is a long sleeve black crop top. In my teenage years I was wearing only black, from head to toe. (Well, I was in a kind of gothic phase back then.) But then, as I got older, I went completely crazy for colours, still am. But every time I wear black it evokes a very powerful feeling. And that is something how you want to feel when walk the streets of Upper Manhattan, right?


Bershka blazer / Zara shoes / ASOS crop top / Siwy ripped jeans / earring are from a flea market I bought in Orchard St the day before / Coccinelle purse / Mango iPhone pouch 


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