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MBFDZ: Notte Italiana

Day 3 at MBFDZ was reserved for four italian designers: Costume National, Studio Pretzel, Vivetta and Di Liborio of which I was impressed only by the latter two.

Vivetta is a new fashion label from Milan bringing fun and light creations inspired by 50’s and 60’s.  I loved every single item from this collection and can’t wait to go to Milan to put my hands on some of these beautiful ensembles. Vivetta was worn by many worldwide famous fashionistas, including Anna dello Russo and Alexa Chung. No surprise there.

Second surprise for me was the avant-garde  collection from Di Liborio, also coming from Milan. Their collection is full of leather and fringes, very dark and powerful. The last dress on the runaways took breaths from all of us in the crowd. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a good shot on this one and somehow all the MBFDZ press photos missed it too. Why this is so I don’t know, but it’s a shame you have to see it from a very blurry perspective (1st photo).

The other two designers didn’t impress me that much. Costume National was so-so, some nice pieces but in total no ‘wow’ effect for any of the creations. Their brand is just not something I get excited about, but I bet a lot of Swiss people would like such clothes.

Studio Pretzel was a full disappointment, didn’t really like any go the items from their SS15 collection.



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MBFDZ Di Liborio 6

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