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d’o r et d’a r g e n t T-SHIRT ART

d’or et d’argent T-shirt / Pieces cape /  lack of color hat / H&M pants / Romwe leather jacket / Zara ankle boots / ring is real silver, from local street market

Recently I’ve discovered d’or et d’argent brand. Don’t mind a rather difficult to pronounce French title, this British brand produces amazing T-shirts recycled from plastics, with arty prints that are dyed into the yarn for a more natural smooth hand feel. I’ve fell in love with their prints, especially this one of London.

I’ve decided to pair the T-shirt in, what else, but casual outfit with ripped jeans, leather jacket, cape and fedora hat. This beautiful hat came all the way from Australia, who would have thought they would be the ones to produce the most perfect winter hats for us Europeans, huh? Without any wonder, the brand, lack of color, is very popular worldwide. I’ve decided for a neutral double coloured short brimmed hat from their winter collection, although I’m already looking how I’ll need a colourful version too :-)

Hope you like the look and enjoy your winter holidays!

Many kisses from Beneath the Coat team! :* :* :*


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