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BIG tulle skirt / Zara heels / H&M top / OSH clutch / D&G watch / Le Boudoir Roma earrings / (you don’t really see it but) belt is vintage

Recently I paid a visit to Zurich Opernhaus to watch a new opera Turn of The Screw, based on Henry James’s novella and this is (almost) what I was wearing.  That day I exchanged orange elements for deep blue ones to match it with my deep blue faux fur scarf and ear warmers (check it out at our Instagram).

I bought this skirt completely accidentally, if such things exist, while I was waiting for a friend in the city. So, there I was waiting and wandering around observing the people when I saw something in one of the shop’s window… And there it was, this amazing navy green tulle skirt. It took me exactly 3 minutes to be back on the street and greet my friend. It just happened to be an my and Mr Bowtie’s anniversary that night, so I could test the skirt already! :-)

I don’t know what’s about tulle skirts, but whenever I’m wearing one I feel like jumping and laughing and being happy. The skirt is usually longer, knee high, but I wanted to add even more volume so I lifted it up and added a waist belt so I don’t look like a pregnant ballerina. Cropped bulky sweaters fit the best with such skirts so I though combining it my favorite sweater from last season would be perfect, plus colorful heels and earrings and viola! you’re ready for the ball ;-)

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