As a full time PhD student sometimes it’s hard to find time and energy to dedicate myself more on what’s going on beneath my lab coat. Nevertheless, if we can conclude anything from the past two years is that you, my readers, appreciate every single effort I put into this blog, which makes me work harder and harder. You brought Beneath the Coat to be one of the most popular fashion blogs in Switzerland, which let’s admit it, is not so hard since the fashion market here is quite small, but it still makes me proud and happy to know that every little investment pays off.

That said, I should also say thank you to you first for enabling me to not just write about fashion, but also ‘do’ fashion. As I already mentioned we had several great collaborations with OSHH (check posts here, here and here) and the best one is yet to come. Together OSHH and Beneath the Coat worked on making the must have multi-purpose bag for the Spring/Summer 2015 season. I must admit, the task was not easy but I completely enjoyed the whole experience, from drawing to making paper mockups to waiting for the first factory prototype.

The whole idea started when I asked Olesya (one of the directors and designers behind OSHH) why are there no fashionable belt bags out there?! Every time I go out clubbing I get so annoyed by my bag since dancing with it gets quite annoying and I don’t want to just leave it laying around. Last year, when I had the idea the only remotely fashionable belt bags I could find were two models from Marni, both above 800€, so a real NO GO. Soon after our conversation OSHH came to me with a suggestion of designing the bag together.

Here is a first factory prototype that I just couldn’t wait to share with you! There are still some things that will be changed on the bag but more or less this it IT. Also, we will be making the bag in natural  and black python leather combination for all of you who are not so keen on colours.

I am not sure if it’s because of the fact that this bag is my design but I am completely obsessed with it! I’m wearing it mostly as a belt bag, I find it so comfortable but sometimes I wear it as a normal chain clutch.

Hope you like our new design too. If you would like to pre-order the bag you can contact me and I’ll give you all the details (contact details are under CONTACT ME).

What a great way to celebrate Beneath the Coat’s 2nd anniversary!

About the look. I was wearing this combination for a dinner turned out in a late night party time. Lucky, I could take off my sweater because I had a blouse underneath. The belt bag came perfect for the party because I didn’t have to worry about my belongings. Not to mention it was a great advertisement since everyone asked me about the bag. The bag goes perfectly with the key chain which I often use for my credit cards when I go out.

Beneath the Coat for OSHH multi purpose belt bag / American Apparel skirt / Romwe shirt / Zara heels and sweater / ASOS key chain / Le Boudoir Roma earrings 

Copy the look

orange heels – Gianvito RossiVince , Narciso Rodrigues , Jeffrey Campbell, VALENTINO

purple skirt – Vera Wang (70% OFF), T by Alexander Wang

cropped turtleneck sweater – Club Monaco, Apiece Apart (30% OFF)

white blouse – Romwe suggestion one, Romwe suggestion two

designer belt bag outfit 8 designer belt bag outfit 9 designer belt bag outfit 7 designer belt bag outfit 14 designer belt bag outfit 12 designer belt bag outfit 18

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