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Sheinside skirt / Zara sweater and shirt / Ivanka Trump over the knee boots / Coccinelle purse / H&M bracelets

First, let’s start with an apology for the lack of outfit posts. Right now I’m involved in several small projects regarding my blogging, very exciting but also very time consuming. Also, my PhD project is draining lots of my energy recently, which I won’t complain about, things are finally staring to work but this always means more work too.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to keep on bloggin’! ;-)

Winter to summer transformation, or as many call is – spring, has knocked on our doors. Winter coats are being deposited in the darker corners of your closets; goodbye has been said to 1000000 DEN pantaloons, butter body creams and condom hats (or as some call them ‘beanies’); hello open toe sandals, blisters and blazers!

This outfit here is something I was wearing recently for a fashion event in Zurich. The event was all about spring/summer collections but healed outside at a very unpleasant 4 degrees. I don’t like freezing so I had to opt for a very layered outfit and here’s what I came up with. Leather fringe skirt, oversized shirt warmed up with irregularly cut sweater and OTK boots. A rather causal outfit, but the good thing about it is, when you take your sweater off, tuck your shirt in and unbutton a couple of buttons, you are ready to sip that free champagne they always offer on such events.


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