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black&white Bedroom Inspiration

As you might have noticed from my Facebook or Instagram feed, I have changed the place of residence. We moved closer to the center into a beautiful, huge, new flat. The new place has it all: high selling, huge windows covering the whole flat, amazing view on the city and (most importantly) a gigantic bedroom to finally fit all my clothes and shoes in one place! :-) Of course, it takes time to furnish such a place but the general idea of how every room will look is already there.

Easiest (and most fun for me) task was my bedroom. Having a great bed and closet from before, all I had to do is fill the room with a small home office space, shoe corner, carpet and a couple of cabins. Bed and closet are white so I decided to go for black&white decor with additional elements of other colours such as red and gold. But, until I can show you what I’ve done with it, here’s some bedroom inspiration to get an idea of what is already out there.

bedroom inspiration white and black 1bedroom inspiration white and black 2