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I’ve been going through a list of cool words from the 70s (don’t ask why, sometimes things happen for no reason) and the title of this blog post comes from it. It was very often used for taking it all the way, the best it can be. I am not quite sure if the phrase was there for flowerflipers (guess who those are?) but I like the power of it and it basically decribes my life motto.

I find it funny when I got ‘oh, easy for you Kristina’ as a counter comment when I talked about great challenges awaiting for me. As if I just simply woke up one day knowing all the biochemistry pathways, all the dance steps with a ticket for a great life. No, these things don’t just happen, you have to work for it. And by saying work I mean ‘bust your buttom till you drop then get up and continue’ kinda work. But guess what? It will pay off. It always pays off.

The first step to a happier/better life is setting your goals. Make them as clear as possible, picture them in your head, think about them and comprehensively explore how to reach them. One of great life changing momentums in my life was starting to dance salsa. There’s a very spread saying ‘Salsa will change your life’ and it is true. I won’t elaborate more on this, what I rather wished to say is that I still remember the evening when I decided I want to do it. I was so excited about the idea I couldn’t sleep and I spent the whole evening watching YouTube videos, trying to catch the steps. The next week I was enrolled in my first salsa class and then I met my best friend, more friends, I fell in love, fell out of love, traveled, performed, got confidence. And it all started that one evening when I set my goal to ‘learn salsa’.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Norman Vincent Peale
Altough a bit cheesy this saying is so true! When you think about what you want, think outside of the box. Go for higher, harder and better. Leave your comfort zone and give all you’ve got to stay there, because that’s how we became not only happy but a better version of ourselves. I sometimes joke by calling myself Kristina Vol II.

When you do set your own goals, be flexible in the way of getting there. There’s no such thing as a perfect way nor the perfect timing. Do not postpone, just do it!

What I found helps a lot is talking about your goals. Some people might look at you like you’re crazy or ambitious, some will judge and try to discourage you but you have to stay strong. Talking with good friends, the ones that will encourage you, will make your goals even more clear and exciting. A good example from my personal experience is when I decided I want to do a PhD and I want it at ETH Zurich. I told this to a colleague months before I even finished my Master studies and she basically laughed in my face. I met her a year later, she apologized but she never showed interest or asked about my progress. Acepting a constructive advice is fine but you should never listen to people who tell you ‘you can’t do it’.

Think about the path of reaching your goal and all the steps you need to do on the way there. Use the skills you already have and work on the ones you don’t. Don’t get discouraged if it takes longer than you thought, take pride in your commitment and consistency of trying. And when you do get passed the little steps, celebrate. Be happy because you got one step closer to your final goal.

At the end, my final advice would be, whatever you do take it TO THE MAX! Do your best because that way you’ll never regret not trying.


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