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my name is Kristina and I am a PhD student in the field of Molecular Biology… and, I am a fashion blogger. The look I’m sometimes presented with by some (especially fellow scientists), when I profess my love for the art of fashion and dare to say I’m a fashion blogger – probably very similar to the one they’d have as if I would claim I don’t  believe in evolution. A scientist and fashion what? Now, I do understand the two might not seem to have any touching points, but that’s wrong and I’ll explain why in one of our future blog post, but for now I want to continue on answering the title question.

Are there more important things in life than fashion (blogging)?

Yes, sure! But, isn’t it the best idea to identify (part of) yourself through something you’re passionate about? And by doing that, influence the others to do the same. Not fashion blogging necessarily, but to do whatever gives you a chance to really enjoy yourself. Whenever I meet someone who’s very devoted about their work or hobbies, I get instantly infected by their attitude. I cannot wait to come home and either read those five scientific papers out of my field I have been postponing for months or book those advanced dance classes or finally finish the latest blog post.

Still, fashion blogging?

Yes, fashion is vain (more about this coming soon too)! It focuses almost solely on appearance, making it ever so easy to reach prejudiced conclusions about us who are not only enjoying its full creativity but are also ready to talk about it. To be labeled a vain narcissist who cares nothing more about dressing in designer clothes and prancing around town to take pics with their fancy cameras is simply outrageous and utterly ridiculous to say the least.

It is absolutely true fashion  blogging is based on taking lots of photos of yourself. It’s also true you showcase many different outfits. And all of that happens in various locations? Yes, true indeed. But guess what – people like it that way! Whenever I post anything  else than a blog post full of my photos, the readers response gets immensely lower. Readers like to see a face, a real girl wearing nice clothes. And not only that, when you add to it a nice, honest and inspirational text (like this one, huh? ) you will get your readers immersed into not only your outfit suggestions but into your thoughts, wishes and dreams. And, what I appreciate deeply, you get to send a message and in best case scenario, you get to inspire others.

We live in a world where ones first impression is sadly a very lasting one. Ones personal style simply tells who they are without them having to speak. It’s expressive, communicative and fun and I do fashion blogging for all the above reasons. Also, sharing my outfit posts is the least fun in the whole blogging story. The ability to share ideas and to work together with amazing professionals like the girls behind OSHH or Stefanie, founder of STORIE MIE is what keeps me blogging actually. Also, since recently I’ve started writing more personal texts and the response from you, my readers, has been nothing less but amazing! So, thank you for keeping me inspired to blog on!

Photo by Jehona Abrashi Echo Pictures for Storie mie.