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Here comes a little online dating guide for single ladies and all that feel that way! Since a one year anniversary of my life in singularity has approached I thought to share some words on how it has been and hope some of you find them wise. As many years have passed since the last time I had to date, I was definitely lacking the modern dating experience… a lot. Seems, the only eligible way suggested by friends was online dating. No one even suggested to put myself out there and try to be more outgoing – what an insane idea, right? So, I took my smartphone and some clicks after, there I was – an active member of the cyber dating community.

There are many dating smartphone applications out there and, unless you’re in a relationship or not hip to technology, you’ve probably heard of many of them already. My first touch with modern dating ‘techniques’ was through Tinder and I have a couple of stories to share regarding my time spent using that specific application but right now I’d like to talk about a newly discovered cyber date dealer – Once.

I got interested into this specific application when I read that it’s the only application that has more female users, to be exact – 60%, compared to the male part! Also, only 9 months after the launch the application was used by almost 2 million people. Now, what is going on over here I thought?

On Once, the matching algorithm is exchanged with a real person – a matchmaker, who makes sure to not only ‘judge the book by its cover’ but also matches people based on common interests. One of the biggest problems with Tinder and other applications alike is the quantity, an excessive availability of potential dates and time invested into actually picking those. There were times I had hundreds of matches at the time and I basically lost complete interest in meeting any of those guys at the end. That problem is solved in Once, where a real matchmaker delivers you a single match per day. You do get to see the photos and a more detailed description (with height! apparently THE most important piece of information you have to deliver on any online dating app) of a person but you only have 24 hours to engage a conversation. If not, the next day you’ll have a fresh start with a new match.

I have been using the app now for some weeks, and I like it for all the reasons I disliked Tinder: you don’t have to do anything (energy invested: 0), it’s safe (real people check the profiles), it’s private (only your matches will know you’re on it) and it’s more efficient – you actually have time to focus on your match if you engage into a conversation. Who knows – maybe I will meet my Prince Charming on Once?

Happy hunting ladies!


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