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As a Mediterranean girl living in Switzerland, it was not easy to get used to winter sports so many of my Swiss friends are absolutely addicted too. Until I’ve made my first successful ski down the Swiss Alps (and by successful I mean: no accident, no broken limbs & reasonably skilled enough to not fall once), I could never understand why do people like it so much. It’s expensive, quite a hassle, painful, cold and extremely tiring.  Then, as I was tackling my red slope like there’s no tomorrow I took a moment and looked around me, noticed the amazing scenery I’m literally flying through, and then it got me… This is amazing.

I think most of you living in Switzerland (and pretty much all Asian tourist visiting) know about Jungfraujoch, the top of the Europe as it’s popularly called. But there is more to this region than just having the highest train station in Europe. There are  three more reasons to visit, named Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, making for a very attractive ski destination as well! And if that wasn’t convincing enough, this season Jungfrau Ski Region has a very special action called ‘Skipass geschenkt‘!

For the first time the hotels in the Jungfrau Ski Region are giving away free ski pass, valid if you book two nights during the week. You can get best quality hotels, amazing views on the snowy mountains and 200 kilometres of great slopes for very attractive prices. The offers is valid though out the season, until April 2017.

Next week I’ll be testing the ‘Skipass geschenkt’ action myself, stay tuned on my Instagram (stories) and Facebook account!





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