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I have known Esprit brand ever since I was a little girl. At the time I wasn’t able to afford branded clothes, but my aunt, who was at the time living in Germany used to send me packages filled with clothes from the latest fashion shelves. Esprit has taken a special place for me when it comes to fashion brands, mostly because some of its shirts that are now more than 10 years old are still kept and look as good as new! I still love this brand, mostly for it’s affordability and good quality of clothes, but also for making trendy items available for everyone. Here, I have decided to share six summer outfits I would definitely like to spend my summer in!

The first two outfits are black&white combinations, both kind of casual but very trendy. I love mixing patterns, as you can see in the upper look, besides, so if you can’t decide between this striped skirt and checked top here, why not wear both? :-) The look below is a more relaxed combination with these white shorts, perfect for day and night.

Esprit outfit 4

As much as I like mixing patterns, I also love the ease of wearing the same patter twice, especially when it’s in a shape of this lovely checked headband! A simple white blouse here and a pair of these flat sandals, and you’re ready ;-)

Esprit outfit 3

This look is what you will probably see me the most often this summer! A simple-but-very-trendy white dress here, a pair of these heeled sandals and a matching purse, what else do you need? Well, a matching scarf for colder summer night would do.

Esprit outfit 1

The last two combinations are featuring the same dress in two colours. Yes, why have one fabulous dress when you can have two ;-) This navy blue dress and these matching sandals are combined with brown leather bag, because navy blue likes brown the most! This combo works well for day and night. The second outfit is an evening combination with these beautiful golden sandals and matching accessorize.

Esprit outfit 2 Esprit outfit 6

There you have it! Let me know how you liked the combos and which one would you choose yourself?