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Although there is still plenty to still discover, I have had the luck to see quite a bit of the world during the last 10 years with most of my memories stored on the little app we all know so well, Instagram. Recently, I’ve realised it is a shame to have all those memories and photographs trapped on my phone so I decided to print them and surround myself with those memories on a daily basis in my home.

Worldwide there are many very creative options to use to print your  photos online or using an app, such as Origami, Printstagr.am or PicMonkey, but Switzerland has some on its own and my favourite being colorfotoservice! The square shape of Instagram photos is seen as almost iconic nowadays. But this doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to this shape when creating exciting displays for your Instagram photos. The products from colorfotoservice come in high quality and in all shapes and designs, you can choose between different photo sizes and sets. Their website also allows you to create and print calendars, posters, stickers, magnets and mobile phone cases.

I’ve decided to print my travel photos and place them in collage frames based on location, so you’ll find a bit of Croatia, Zurich, Cuba and Mexico memories on the following photos…

Memories of Cuba

Memories of Zurich

Memories of Croatia

Memories of Mexico