Being a scientist who, in daily laboratory work, beneath her lab coat hides a wonderful world of colours, textiles and designs, I dedicate this blog to all of you who like to play fashion and are not afraid to show it.

Even though I wanted to be a scientist since I was 5 years old, just a couple of years later my love for fashion evoke too. Now, when I look at science as a way to explain myself, fashion would be a way to express myself. Its lack of rules makes it so playful, creative and liberating. The best of it comes with the fact that one can restart it every day or even every hour (depends on how fast you need to change). I will always be fascinated on how just one change of clothes away, stands a new ‘me’; a girl who is not only a scientist but chic or preppy or casual or sexy, or whatever I want to be in that moment.

Since this game never ends, why not play together?

Welcome to my blog.

bowtie girl 4

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